Monday, 28 June 2010

Just a little bit about me and a quick hello....

Hi guys,

As you know from seeing my blogname (if that’s what you call it lol) I’m Sonya, I am a make up student studying to become specialist make up artist, my dream is to one day work on TV and Film sets and before reaching that goal while I study, I would love to work for MAC…yes I am another one of the 101000000million MAC lovers out there lol. To describe myself I would say, I am a bubbly, funny, caring, sweet, sometimes crazy, non judgmental person (well at least I think so haha).

I decided to start this blog because my friend Stevie ( said that I should start a blog mainly so I could follow her hahaha, just kidding, (so go check her out) but because I just should start one. So I thought for my first blog I would just do a little intro on myself, which I have and talk about what this blog will entail.

Nail polish reviews. But to give you a heads up, my nails are really short but I still love to paint them  so I will share with you some nail polishes that I like at the moment.

Fashion rants. Clothes and designers that I like right now.

Make up reviews. Reviews and swatches on new make up finds that I may pick up on one of my random shopping days out or specific items I wanna review.

F.O.T.D. (Face of the day). I will pick random days that I will show my make up, only because I don’t wear make up everyday.

So I hope you enjoy my blog.

Thanks x