Thursday, 28 March 2013

OPI Germany Collection

Hey dolls,


I am in LOVE with this collection. Me being in love with something seems to be a recurring thing on my blog lol, but I am.I wish I had gotten to try shades from the full collection cos some of those shades were amazing. But I'm happy with the ones I got to try.


Don't Pretzel My Buttons
Beautiful nude polish, which works on darker skin tones. It needs 2 coats to be completely opaque.

Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!
You cant go wrong with a dark nail polish can you? You cant really tell from the photo cos its coming up black (still working on the lighting sitch) but its a dark mossy green/grey shade. The picture is of one coat of the nail polish and its totally opaque. I love a nail polish like this, once coat and you're done. No sitting around waiting.

Unfor-Greta-bly Blue
A GORGEOUS shimmery metallic blue polish. My absolute FAVOURITE from the whole collection. I used 2 coats to get it opaque. I really wish I had gotten this in the full size version. May have to go on the hunt for it.

Suzi and the 7 D├╝sseldorfs
Shimmery purple polish, up close it looks like it has flecks of blue in it. This needs 2 coats to be opaque. This one I also wish I had the full size version of this. May have to take a trip down to Sally's on their next VAT free day. 


 *all products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*

Thursday, 21 March 2013

AVON C2 Haul

Hey dolls,
Campaign 2

SuperSHOCK liner

I got this one because I wanted to try that whole using a lighter colour on the water line to make the eyes pop but its too frosty and too light for me. The good thing about being a make up artist is when I don't like a product I purchase I'll just add it to my kit.

Aqua Pop
Love this. Such a lovely blue, I used this on my waterline when I wore a smokey eye, it just gave it that tiny pop of colour but no too in your face. I love these eyeliners. I'm forever repurchasing it in black. Great for the waterline or the upper lash line. And they last for AGES.

SuperShock Lip Shine
These are currently my FAVOURITE lip glosses. I repurchased Ravishing Rose and thought I'd try pink indulgence, its a bit too pink for me, I might try and mix it with a lipstick or another gloss and if that doesn't work it will go in my professional make up kit.

Ravishing Rose
My favourite things about these glosses is their thickness, opacity, colour pay off and most importantly the applicator.

Pink Indulgence

L: Pink Indulgence
R: Ravishing Rose

Eyeshadow Primer
I bought this because I've been looking for a new primer. I used to use MACs prep and prime religiously. Then I switched to AVON's superSHOCK eyeshadow pencil as they come in loads of different colours. I'm really happy with it, Every time I've worn make up I've used this and my eyeshadow has lasted all night. And for the price it is you cant go wrong.


Protecting lip balm (spf15) - £2.20 
I'm always trying out lip balms for when I do my face routine, I saw this and it was going quite cheap so I thought I'd pic k it up and give it a go. I like it, its thick but not too thick and very moisturising.
 Glycerine hand and nail cream - £3.50
If you've followed my blog for a while you'd know I swear by these hand creams. I have a stock pile of these on my beauty cabinet. And I always have one in my handbag. Its very moisturising. Great product, one of my staples.

If you couldn't tell from the packaging these are rose scented. Now I'm not the biggest rose fan but if a product is good enough I will put that to one side.

Disclaimer: I know I post ALOT about Avon but that's because I love their products and have access to catalogues all the time (cos I'm a representative). Its also due to laziness I can shop for make up from the comfort of my own home and not have to pay for it upfront until the order comes through. But I have a few posts coming up that are not Avon related and I'm gonna make more of an effort to shop on the high street. Not just because of my blog but because I need to switch it up a little.


*all products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*

Friday, 15 March 2013


Hey dolls,


I absolutely LOVE the packaging. Its the main reason I picked up the collection and then obviously for the polishes :)





I'm glad I purchased this set .Who doesn't love a bit of bright nail polish? And the quality of them is excellent. 

Hi Pumpkin!
Needs two coats to become opaque.

A-Rose from the Death
Needs one coat to become opaque.

Morning Glory
Needs on coat to become opaque.

Needs two coats to become opaque.

This set is still available via the Internet, not sure about any beauty stores. But if you can get your hands on it do, if not for the polish or decals do it for the packaging :D


*all products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*

Monday, 11 March 2013

AVON C1 Haul

Hey dolls,

I have had so many products to swatch and take pictures of that I'm a little behind with uploading these blog posts but we're not gonna dwell we're just gonna go ahead and look at what I got :)

True Colour Eyeshadow Quad - Vivid Violet - £4

Very happy with how pigmented the eyeshadows were. I love purple, I think it suits dark skinned women (and men  - we don't discriminate here haha) very well. I might upload a picture later of me wearing the shadows. I've said this before but I really wish Avon would name their eyeshadows.

Naturals Vanilla Body Scrub (left)  - £1
Naturals Strawberry Scrub (right) - £1

Body scrubs are the way forward. I only really have gotten into exfoliating in the last few years. 
I love these ones because they aren't harsh on the skin and smell AMAZING!

Irresistibly Sexy
Not too long ago Avon came out with their irresistibly sexy collection which consisted of a mascara and lip gloss. I got the mascara and 2 lip glosses.

Irresistibly Sexy Mascara - Blackest Black
Another mascara to add to the collection. I'm very happy with this product, does what it says on the tin and gives me "sexy" lashes haha.

Irresistibly Sexy lip gloss

Pink Provocateur
This one is a bit too light for me so I will have to wear it over a lipstick or mix it with another lip gloss.

Super Sexy Red
LOVE this. I'm really into red lips at the moment. I've embraced my inner diva haha.

Perfect Kiss Lipstick

Caressing Coral

Love the packaging for this lipstick.

First time I swatched this lipstick I thought it was very bright, not what I expected when I saw it in the catalogue but I'm trying to branch out of my comfort zone and trying more "out there" colours.


*all products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

China Glaze: Ruby Pumps & Glitter Goblin

Hey dolls,


Disclaimer: On the day I decided to take my pictures the lighting was a pain in the butt (working when it felt like it). They didn't look this dark on my camera but luckily you can still see the products :) I'm trying new ways and settings to take my pictures, its a working progress but I'm getting there :)

These are my first ever China Glaze polishes I've ever bought (shock horror, I always used to use my sister's ones)



The name of this polish is very fitting,, its like a glitter goblin sneezed into the bottle (I know that sounds gross but its the best I got haha).  This polish reminds me of a 70s disco. I can imagine the women all dressed up with a polish like this on their clothes, make up or outfit, all glittered up to the nines.

At first I wasn't sure about this polish but I've really grown to like it. To get it opaque and even it unfortunately needs 3-4 coats. The good thing is it doesn't feel all thick or goopy with all the layers.



The first time I heard about this polish was in one of FleurDeForce's vlogs, and I fell in love with it mainly because it reminded me of The Wizard of Oz. Its not showing up in the pictures but this is such a glittery ruby red nail polish. And it doesn't have that annoying bitsy feel to it, you know where you can feel the actual glitter particles (like glitter goblin).

You need 2 coats to make it an even finish.

The best thing about these polishes they dry pretty quick. I will definitely be buying more China Glaze nail polishes in the future.

What are your favourite China Glaze nail polishes?


*all products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*