Friday, 27 January 2012

Avon Haul - C3

Hello my lovelies,

Back again with another Avon haul. At the present time they are the only people I seem to buy from. I need to go out to my town centre and get shopping. I kinda decided I'm not going on a spending ban I'm just gonna spend less :)

 First item up is the new foundation from Avon - 
Ideal Flawless Foundation (Sample) - 15p
I was not a fan of the finish, texture or how it felt on my skin. Plus the colour I chose was way too dark for my skin. It was in the colour Earth and really did look like I’d smeared mud on my face haha. Maybe I’ll try and get my hands on a sample again, if not I’ll have to get the full sized bottle. Maybe because of the amount I got is the reason it didn’t apply properly because I didn’t have enough for an even finish. But I am really happy that Avon have broadened their foundation colour range. Now us dark girls can have cheaper alternative. You can get the new ideal flawless foundation for just £10.(Cant edit this bit of font cos I wrote it in Microsoft word).

 Hello Kitty Overnight bag - £12.50
When I saw this bag I was like O.O haha I love it and will defo be using this when I  go to the gym and when I obviously stay at someones house and I may even use it as handbag. Plus who doesn't love Hello Kitty :)

 A set of  2 Country Rose beauty bags - £2.99
I love having bags like this to put my stuff in, it means I can save space on my dressing table :) And these are also good when you're going somewhere overnight, on vacation or to the gym when you need to put your face products or make up in. I wont put make up or brushes in this because their white inside and out. And they'll get ruined. I like Country Rose products, I bought a beauty holder before and I think I can say I'm becoming a fan of their beauty storage products.

 Avon care Rich moisture face cream 100ml - £3.50
Avon care Light moisture face cream 100ml - FREE

 I was looking at trying new face creams. So as these were on a deal I thought why not? Whats new to me is a gel based cream which is what the light moisture one is.

 Senses Hollywood Starlet body scrub 200ml - £1.25
I wanted a body scrub to take with me to the gym. When you use a steam it brings up whatever dead skin is on your body, so I got scrub it all away :)

 Big Colour eye duo pencil in Plum passion/Angel Mist - £2
 Plum Passion
 Angel mist
 Swatches: Plum Passion (top), Angel mist (bottom)
I love these pencils, I bought one of these last year and OMG! They are so creamy and a little goes a long way and they last for ages on the eye. I use these as eyeshadow bases or just plain old eyeliner. I bought one of these before and I use everytme I do my make up.

 Catwalk SuperCurlacious Mascara Black - £3.50
I bought this mainly cos I thought this packaging was too cute haha. The packaging on this is Limited Edition.
 An up close of the wand
It does what it says on the tin and makes your lashes curly.

 Colour Trend Kiss'N'Go - Ginger - £1
This colour didn't look as light on the catalogue, and I was a bit surprised when I opened it because I cant do nudes haha and this is quite a nude pink. I managed to make it work by putting my new lip gloss below over the top.
 Swatch of the lipstick.

 Moisture Seduction Lip Gloss - Pretty Pink - £2.45
This a very interesting lipstick. It doesn't always come out the same colour. Its a bit like roulette haha. But I do like it.

As you can see from the two swatches above the lip gloss can come out quite different each time you use it. The top photo is lighter and the bottom is more pink

S xxxxx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Avon Haul: C2

Hello my lovelies,

So here I am with another haul.

 Christian Lacroix Rouge EDP - £11.99
I got this to add to my CL perfume collection :) And it smells lovely, like the rest. Like I've always stated, I'm no good at describing perfume smells.

 Avon Care Limited Edition Glycerine hand and nail cream
 This was part of a 3 for £3.50 deal
I have so many of this hand cream. I got this because of the packaging haha. 

I've been looking at trying out new body creams and I saw these two items and decided I might as well for the price they are, the first one up is a body whip, which  I have never tried before from any brand not just Avon. 

 Naturals Body Whip - Milk and Honey
This was part of a 3 for £3.50 deal
 This smells so good in the container, but once its on my skin its got quite a sickly scent to it. I dunno if that's  just how its reacting to my skin or whatever. I'm still gonna use it, just probably on my legs so I don't get a waft of it every time I move lol. It claims to be moisturising but its not the most moisturising for me, but I do suffer with VERY dry skin. If you don't suffer from dry skin I'm sure this'll be fine for you.

 This is quite a thick formula, and this is only a little bit I took out with my finger. So this would probably last you a while :)

 Avon Care Intensive Moisture body lotion - £2.15
Like I said above I'm trying out new moisturisers but I find this one even less moisturising than the body whip.I will persevere and use this cos I paid for it. But its not something I will purchase again.


I got 5 items from the ColorTrend range. I got them all on a deal.

2 ColorTrend Kiss'n'Go lipsticks (Buy 1 get one free)
2 ColorTrend Read my lips lipgloss (Buy 1 get one free)
And I got another lipstick as part of the 3 for £3.50 deal.

KISS'n'GO Lipstick - Cafe au Lait - Free
(Buy one get one free)
I was so disappointed when I opened this lipstick when I saw it and swatched it. Its did not look like this in the catalogue. Its bronzey-gold and hideous. Fair enough if I was looking to a bronze goddess look fair enough ti would hit the mark, but no I was just looking for something to wear on a daily basis that was a little bit neutral. This is going right into my freelance kit.The good thing about these lipsticks is that they are very pigmented.

 KISS'n'GO lipstick - VINO DISCO - £3.50
I was very happy with this purchase. It is gorgeous and not too shimmery. Its nice and pigmented.

 KISS'n'GO lipstick - Raisin Wine
This was part of a 3 for £3.50 deal
I LOVE this lipstick, its not shimmery but its not matte either, its that nice medium. And its such a natural colour on my lips. LOVE IT!!!!!

 Read My Lips Lipgloss - WINK -Free
(Buy one get one free)
 This gloss also wasn't what I expected, from what I saw in the picture I expected it to look much different. Luckily if I add it to a lipstick I can get away with it.

 Read My Lips Lipgloss - Start up Pink - £3.50
A simple pink lipgloss, that I can wear on its own or over a lipstick or lip liner :)


 Top row: L-R: Cafe au Lait, Vino Disco, Raisin Wine
Bottom row: L-R: Wink, Start up pink
 Top to bottom: Raisin Wine, Vino Disco, Cafe au Lait, Start up pink, Wink.

 Nailwear Pro nail polish - CORAL BEAT - £1.20
 Amazingly bright coral nail polish.This needs 2 coats to be completely opaque.
My thumb looks so weird in this pic, plus I didn't clean up my nail oops.

 Panel Slouch bag - £2.99
Just a simple black pleather bag (gotta love the animals haha).  I got this 1. cos of the price and 2. because I wanted a new everyday bag that I can carry over my shoulder.

And I bought myself something not beauty related but I just couldn't resist haha

Snowman Mug with Chocolate shaker hat - £2.99
I am such a sucker for cutesy mugs.

S xxxx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Current Obsession...Paul's Boutique

Hello my lovelies,

OK so I always thought Paul's Boutique was an expensive brand, don't ask me why, but I recently went on their website and found that not to be the case. And I have fallen in love with 2 items. Although I'm on a spending ban I'm gonna save up for these two things. I want a purse and a handbag, just in black you know for everyday. I wish I could fit into some of their clothes, but for now I will settle for handbags :)


MOLLY  - £56

Lizzie - £31

I am seriously in love with these. Saving starts next payday :)

What are your current obsessions?

S xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

What I got for Christmas 2011

Hello my loves,

So here is the post of all my Christmas presents. So I'm not at an age now where I end up buying my own Christmas presents 1. because my parents don't celebrate Christmas, they made a fuss when we were younger but now that we're older its kinda just not a biggy 2. I don't like surprises so if I see something I like I don't ask for it I just get it myself.

The first lot of gifts I got myself was from Avon...

 I got some Foot Works products in the scent Cinnamon Orange. The 3 items I got were:
  • Comfort Soak - 99p
  • Smoothing Scrub - 99p
  • Moisturising cream - 99p
I wanted to try some new products for your feet and these were at a very reasonable price, I thought what the heck.

 Glycerine hand and nail Christmas cream - 99p
 I have purchased this a few times, but I had to get this one because it had the Christmas packaging :)

Avon released these new lipsticks called Shine Attract, I've never seen anything like it before and I LOVE the packaging. Its basically a pigmented lipstick in the centre and and a hydrating gel surrounding the lipstick. They come in a nice range of colours. I used one of them in my New Year Eve FOTN.

Shine Attract lipstick - Cherry Pie P301 - £3.50

Shine Attract lipstick - Orchid P202 - £3.50

Top: Cherry Pie
Bottom: Orchid

 Because I got these 2 lipsticks I go this Beauty Bonus box for free. The set is called Rock Star Chic.

 Nailwear Pro - Midnight Plum

True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Retro Glamour
this comes with a very light purpley pink eyeshadow and a dark purple eyeshadow

 With Flash
 Without Flash
 Glimmerstick Eyeliner - Majestic Plum
Top: Majestic Plum
Bottom: Retro Glamour eyeshadow duo

 Kavita bag - £8.40
 With the strap out- this is such a cute little handbag. I love the kind of creased effect it has on it. And the pink leather (fake of course) :)

 Little Red Dress EDP - £4.90
This perfume smells gorgeous. This is the of the Dress range perfumes.

Candyland lip balm - 99p each
  • Sugar Cookies - this proper smells like cookies, delicious.
  • Candy Apple
  • Lollipop
I loved flavoured lip balms, especially ones that smell like sweets haha. I didn't think they would be, but I find them moisturising.

 Pro 3-in-1 lip wand - Berry -£3

Top: Lip liner
Middle: Lip gloss
Bottom: Lipstick
Although it looks really nice and I like the 3 in 1 idea, the colour doesn't really suit me :(

 Color Trend Kiss 'n' go lipstick - Garnet Glow - £1.50

 Swatch of the lipstick

I brought myself some cookbooks from

The Hummingbird Bakery Cupcake kit - £7.49

I love Hummingbird bakery cookbooks and me and my sister make a lot of them in our house but we would use her cookbook, but I wanted my own What I didn't realise is that it had the same recipes that her one had minus the cake recipes DOH! But I don't mind cos of the cupcake cases that came with it :)

 I got this little set because it came with these cute little cupcake cases :)

 Bake me I'm yours collection - £7.50

 I love this set I got, and I was very happy with the price I got it for especially as each of these books were usually £5+ :)
 The books that came in the set were...
  • Bake me I'm yours...Chocolate
  • Bake me I'm yours...Cupcake
  • Bake me I'm yours...Cookie
I woke up boxing day morning and ran to the computer to get some movies mainly Disney because they had them going for £8 or less instead of the usual £16-£18, how could I pass it up?

 I got: 
  • Cadet Kelly £3.19
  • Bridesmaids £9.97
  • Ratatouille - £6.47
  • The Princess and the frog - £6.99
  • Basil The great mouse detective - £4.99
  • Beauty and the beast - £7.49
Then they day after boxing day I went and got 3 more DVDs, I had to take advantage of the sales :)
I got :
  • Kindergarten Cop (Favourite of mine growing up) - £2.99
  • Chalet Girl (really wanted to see this, plus I love Ed Westwick and it has one of my fave actresses in it, Sophia Bush) - £5.99
  • Something Borrowed (I saw this and Bridesmaids with my besties and loved it) - £5.49
So that is everything :) Hope you all got lovely Christmas presents. And had a fabulous Christmas and Happy New Year :)

S xxxxx