Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Westfield trip means...DVD's

Hello lovelies,

So as I said in my last post me and the fam went to Westfield's on Saturday and I couldn't help myself and bought some more DVD'S at HMV.

I bought these and am probably gonna watch them over the Christmas holiday with the fam.


  • Sleeping with the enemy
  • Alvin and the chipmunks: the squeakquel
  • Jack Frost
  • Fern Gully: The last rain forest
S xxx

*all products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*

Olympic Park Tour - 26/11/11

Hi guys,

So you may remember a few months back I had tweeted and may have blogged about it (crap memory haha) but me and my family were supposed to go on a tour of the Olympic Park, but we were like 3 minutes late and the tour had left without us. My older sister managed to book another lot of tickets. So on Saturday me and my family (me, mum, dad and 2 sisters) went on a tour of the Olympic grounds. It was really cool to see how far they've come and to see what sports are gonna be where and what plans they have for after the grounds and buildings once the Olympics are over. I took loads of pictures so I'm gonna show you a select few. I'm not sure how you book tickets for these tours but if anyone is interested I can find out. The tickets are free by the way. Might I add the tour we went on was delayed by 9  minutes and when were literally 3 minutes late they were like we don't wait for late comers...erm WTF?!?!?!

The booklet we got.


Pictures from the site.

 It was a nice day out with the fam, and then because we were at Stratford station we decided to go to Westfield's where I bought some more DVD's :) (which I will show you in a blog post). I love being able to take a 6 minute train journey to Westfield's, so good :)

S xxxx

Monday, 28 November 2011

Nails of the day - 28/11/11

Hello my lovelies,

So I painted my nails Saturday but I'm still wearing the same polish.So here are my nails...

 Green and silver nails

It looks a lot better in person. I tweeted these the day I did it, I was absolutely bored and there was nothing on the TV so I was like why not paint my nails :)

Products used:
  • GOSH cracked nail lacquer in Silver
  • Barry M nail paint in Spring Green
  • Barry M base/top coat
  • Avon - Nail strengthener
  • Avon freeze dry spray
S xxx 

*all products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*

Birthday (sort of) Haul


Ok so my birthday was like 3 weeks ago and I completely forgot to upload the gifts I got and what I bought myself with my birthday money :)

Some stuff was interesting, some was less interesting...but never the less I'm gonna show you. So lets get started...

First up are the bits I brought with my birthday money.

Superdrug had a lot of Simple Skincare items going for £2 each so I thought hey might as well take advantage of this offer. So I got my cleanser, toner, eye make up remover and face wipes. And I love how all the Simple products now come with a flick lid instead of a screw top because its so much easier when I'm sat on my bed doing my routine, now I don't have to keep closing and opening lids and just making the process really long.

And the other two items in the picture are Dove Go Fresh roll on deodorants I love these bad boys haha and they were on offer at 99p each :) The yellow one is - Grapefruit and lemongrass and the blue one is - Waterlily and fresh mint.


Superdrug were also doing a 3 for 2 on all cosmetics. So I got 3 Gosh Nail Lacquers. 1 ordinary and 2 of their cracked ones. And then I got 3 Barry M nail paints. 


GOSH nail lacquer - BLUE BALLOON - £4.99
This polish is very opaque and this is just after one coat :) This is a nice colour, I have quite a few blue nail polishes but nothing like this blue. Its coming alot brighter in the picture because of the flash

GOSH CRACKED nail lacquer - PINK - £5.49
I already had the Pink Barry M crackle nail paint but it randomly dried and went really hard after like 2 uses. I was NOT IMPRESSED. So I brought this one as a replacement.

GOSH CRACKED nail lacquer - SILVER - £5.49
Its nice but it looks more shimmery/glittery in the bottle than it does on the nails. It tends to look more matte but its better once you apply a top coat.

As good quality as these polishes are I don't think they're worth £5.49 especially when you can get the Barry M crackle paints for £3.99, the only one I probably would suggest is the Silver one because BarryM doesn't have that colour. They also don't have a huge range of colours. I'm hoping they come out with more colours and that the price goes down cos I do like this polishes but like I said i do not like the price tag.


All the polishes I used only one coat to get the opaque finish. Whenever I find a polishes like this it makes me a very happy girl. I like having products worth their price.

Nail paint - Spring Green £2.99

  319 FOIL - Silver - £3.99
When I first heard about the new nail effects polishes from Barry M I was like hmmmm these look interesting. But every time I would go into Superdrug I was broke so I couldn't pick them up. So when I saw that they had the 3 for 2 deal I was like, I'm getting these.

319 FOIL - Gold - £3.99

Dirty Dancing - £3
This has been one of my favourite films since I was young. I always wanted to go on vacation and find my own Johnny Castle haha. It NEVER happened lol.

Other stuff I got but didn't bother to take pictures of was:
  • Socks from Primark - I think I got one double pack and then 2 knee length pairs. Really nice and snuggly just in time for winter. I don't know if anyone saw on my twitter but I like LIVE for Primark socks, they are really good quality and so cheap :)
  • And I got a double pack of black gloves. Cos its getting really cold and my fingertips need warmth.
All the stuff I got from Primark came to £6
Gifts from my besties

So both my besties brought me presents, which I wasn't expecting and pleasantly surprised by :) And my family gave me money (its like the only thing I ever ask for, for my birthdays anymore haha)

So the two gifts at the front are phallic shaped candies from Ann Summers (which Im not sure if I can have this picture up but hey lol *fingers crossed*) and a Superdrug gift card (which I'm excited to spend :D). Those were from my little poppet Leanne :) and behind those gifts is a Hugo Boss perfume from my home skillet biscuit Kimmy (if you ever watched That's So Raven the nickname would make sense haha)

Close up of the perfume.

HUGO BOSS Orange perfume it comes with a little hand moisturiser that smells like the perfume (obvi haha)

I LOVE the unique shape of this bottle which hasn't come up very well in the picture. it looks like its made out of gemstones. And the smell of this perfume is just utterly GORGEOUS!

That's it. I was quite happy with what I got for my birthday, not the most exciting but who cares :)

S xxxx

*most products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nails of the day: 10/11/11

Hello my loves,

OK so today I decided to paint my nails, I was a tad bit bored and thought why not I ain't got nothing else to do. Its been a while since I painted my nails, but since they're (lowly) starting to grow back I thought I would give them a little paint.

The nail polishes of choice are:
  • Cyan Blue nail paint by Barry M
  • Strawberry speed dry+ nail polish by Avon
S xxxxx
ps I am finally going to the Stratford Westfield tomorrow (I chose this Westfield 1. I've never been to the Stratford one and 2. its a lot closer to my house than the one in Shepherd's Bush). And as I have birthday money to spend I'm hoping I will pick up some stuff to blog about :)

 *all products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*

Monday, 7 November 2011

"Fashion is now, style is forever!"

Hey chickadees,

OK so after like 3 weeks I am finally putting some swatches up of the FrontCover Style Queen Collection.

I only found out about this because my mum saw an advert in a newspaper (Metro I think) and when I saw that it was £17 instead of the original £35 I was like I MUST GET TO A BOOTS NOW! So on Saturday morning my mum went out and she brought me back the Collection. I don't know if this is still available, but if you happen to come across it then I would definitely pick it up.

So what does this collection come with?
  • A mirror
  • 7 domed baked eyeshadows
  • 6 Satin pressed eyeshadows
  • 6 Lip Glosses
  • Shadow line (a liquid you use to make an eyeshadow an eyeliner)
  • 2 cheek domes
  • 2 Iridescent pigments
  • Black mascara and mascara sealer
  • Around the mirror there are directions for the look on the cover
  • 6 make up brushes
  • Mini eyelash curler
  • Pencil sharpener

 Front Cover

 What all the compartments look like

The mirror and  the directions for the front cover look

The top part of the collection where all the make up is
 The bottom part of the collection where the tools are

Brushes from Left to right:
Cheek, Fluff and buff, Rounded shader, Point, Mini blender, Retractable lip brush.

Up close of the make up:

Just so you know, the pictures I took really didn't manage to pick up some of the colours properly.

Domed baked shadows:
First 3 shadow: Vanilla Ice, Peanut, Cumin
Next 3 shadows: Sandstone, Brunette, Grey Grey
Shadow at the bottom: Amber Green

Satin pressed shadows:
First row: Brown peach, Gardie Grey, Jenny Wren
Bottom row: Brown Cork, Burnt Cork, Bostock Black

Lip gloss:
Top four glosses: Langoustine, Icy Pink, Singed Pink, Peru
Bottom two glosses: Red Moon, Brickwall

Cheek Dome:
Top row: Cheek Dome 1
Bottom row: Cheek dome 2 (Silvery one)

Iridescent shadows:
Left: Saddle Borwn pigment
Right: Coal Hoal pigment

Hope you enjoyed this post

S xxxx

*all products mentioned were purchased by me with my own money, everything is my own view and I have not been paid to do this post*