Thursday, 27 October 2016

How I Am Winning At Life!

I have been so focused on other things, my depression/anxiety and current situation that I forget to see all the amazing things I have in my life already. 

 I am blessed in abundance because of the following:
 I have a supportive amazing/loving/caring family not everyone can say that.
I have a roof over my head
I have running water
I have a working toilet
I have electricity
I can shower daily
I have clean clothes
I have a bed to sleep in
I have use of my legs/feet
I have use of my hands/arms
I have full mobility
I can breathe
I can see
I can hear
I can taste
I can smell
I have gadgets for entertainment
I have internet access
I have great opportunities/things ahead

I am alive

How are you winning at life?

Sonya xoxo
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Friday, 21 October 2016


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I have never purchased a MAC collection...not through lack of wanting but due to lack of funds. When I found out that fans had started a petition for MAC to create a Selena line I was HELLA EXCITED! And when the petition had proven fruitful I was like, regardless of my financial situation I was gonna save up and buy the collection. I sat in anticipation watching all the bloggers attend the Selena release in Corpus Christi, just waiting for the collection to make its way to England. You would not believe how fast I ran to my laptop and got my hands on some goodies.

If you know me, then you know how much I love Selena. I came across her because of the Selena movie (one of my faves btw), after seeing how she was portrayed and hearing her songs I was HOOKED! She seemed like such an amazing person with a kind soul. You could only imagine how sad I was at the end of the the film, to not only see her die but to know it was based on a REAL person. I think if she was still alive today that she would've been very successful.