Thursday, 29 September 2011

Budapest Haul

Hello dolls,

So now that I have shown the sights from my holiday lets look at some stuff I got :)

I got this bag from the hotel gift shop, I just wanted a little tote bag :)

OK so this jewellery was not brought on my holiday, it was brought for my holiday and I wore all this jewellery on the trip. The necklaces were from Debenhams and the earrings were from Evans.


So I went to Lush and was so excited. The people in there were so nice and helpful :)

I got WHOOSH shower jelly :) this stuff smells AH-MAZING, very citrusy and sweet.

Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

And a soap that I wanted for AGES was Honey I washed the kids - this is AMAZING!!!!!!!! It smell so good and is so so moisturising.

So while we were waiting to board I went into HMV who were having a sale :) and got a few DVD's
  • Shark Tale
  • Fast and Furious
  • Anchorman (Which I had never seen and DO NOT find funny WHAT SO EVER, it was that bad I fell asleep, I was not impressed with this movie AT ALL!)
I went to a store called New Yorker, it kind of reminded me of New Look. I went crazy in the accessories department. :) I would find one or two items pay and then find something else haha. I went to the till like 3 times hahaha.

We then went into H&M and I got a scarf and a pair of silver hoops :)

Me modelling the scarf hahaha :) (with no make up)

Hope you enjoyed, I didn't go cray cray with the shopping cos the stuff I kept looking at was really expensive so I didn't bother haha. But a lot of my money went on Gifts and souvenirs :)

S xxx

Budapest Holiday

Hello my loves,

OK so I was flicking through my digital camera the other day and realised that I had not uploaded my haul or any pics from my holiday to Budapest in MAY! I know bloody hell haha. So I thought I would share the stuff I bought from Duty free and Budapest and some pics from the holiday and things we did. So lets start with the sights.

Vaci Ut is where we stayed at an Ibis hotel (I'm not even gonna go into details of how much I disliked where we stayed. I just know I wouldn't go there again. But whatever...on with the show haha. And TV in Hungarian isn't that fun lol.

So below is pictures taken from a boat ride we went on, it was fun. We had these headsets to listen to throughout. They have some beautiful buildings over there. I don't remember the name of the buildings but I just thought they were so pretty :) (not knowing the names of things is going to be a recurring theme through this post haha)

 This was a gorgeous building/fountain.

The main part of our trip was to visit the Duna film studios (I don't remember the exact name lol) We went on a complete tour of the place, sets, sets in the building process and just pretty much every inch of the place. So the main two things we saw when we visited was a partial set of Hellboy 2 and the TV series  The Borgias. I didn't even know parts of Hellboy 2 were filmed in Hungary until I stepped on the set lol but it was so cool to be on the set of such a massive film. I also got really excited when I saw the first advert for The Borgias for Sky Atlantic I was like to everyone "OMG  I was on that set ahhhhh!"


The Borgias set

Széchenyi Spa

This spa was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I couldn't believe it, if you ever go to Budapest I suggest you go here it was AMAZING! The outside was lovely but the decor inside was just beautiful. Except for the weird fountain that had water coming out of the kids private area (we were all quite disturbed by that) :/ Word of warning if they offer you a water that is supposed to be really cleansing, dont take it, it smells like sulphur and rotten eggs and a few of my friends that tried it threw up and wretched a little haha, I left the picture out cos it had too many faces in it and I havent had permission from the girls and my tutors to put it up. But just take my word for it and dont drink it haha, unless you like the taste of eggs and sulphur :/

So a main part of my tip was shopping haha, we used to take the metro to get to the main shopping area. Their metro kinda reminded me of the American trains or subway lol. But it was a bit confusing especially with it all being in Hungarian (duh lol) So while we were looking around the shops this window caught my eye and I just had to take a pic. I dunno why but I thought of Alice in Wonderland when I saw this. And this may sound weird but I thought the bunny looked, I wann say pretty? lol

And this street performer, she was so nice :)

And after being all tired out from shopping we went into TGI Fridays. The food and atmosphere was good, until I found a piece of glass in my drink, and they didn't even comp my meal (which they really should have)

Hope you enjoyed getting a little look of at what I got up to on my travels.

I think I will be doing a post like this of my holiday to Egypt in October (17 days ahhhh so excited)

S xxx