Monday, 20 January 2014

Touché By Flavien review

Hey guys and dolls,

A while ago I was invited to an intimate blogger event held at Fenwick's to discuss a new range of hair products from industry professional Flavien Abbas.

Unfortunately I don't have pics from the event as those pictures got lost in the ether when my phone died :( It was a lovely setup though. It was like a little tea party (minus the tea) with little cakes and sandwiches and a lovely glass of wine.

Flavien was so lovely and his french accent was adorable:) (I'm a sucker for an accent). He talked us through his products and his experience in the industry.

Guess Who's Back!!!

Hey guys and dolls,

Wow so it's been a hot minute since I last updated this blog. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

The main reason I stopped before which you know was because  my phone was damaged and had to have it sent off for repairs #sadtimes. Seriously you don't realise how much you rely on technology until it's taken away but wow I actually felt like a limb was missing. I felt so disconnected from the world. I know I'm sad haha.  So with having no phone the issue was that I use  my phone to take and edit my blog pics, so not having it meant no blog posts from me :( #paininthebutt.

I got my phone back but cos I hadn't blogged for so long I just went into a funk and sort of got writers block. And just didn't know how to start blogging again. Even writing this feels foreign to me, but hey ho I gotta get back on the horse sometime.. I've gone longer periods before of not blogging but that was when my blog wasn't really a priority of mine (is priority the right word?) and I would blog intermittently but recently in the last few months I've really been putting a lot more effort into my blog and trying to post regularly. Which can be difficult as I don't always have new products to review cos I'm the kind of person that sticks to the same products for a while, so I'm not always out buying new things. I wanna do more than reviews and hauls. I wanted to actually incorporate my passion and what I chose as a career...make up. I wanna use this blog as a sort of platform for my work and act maybe as a partial online portfolio. And I did meantime that I wanna start incorporating fashion into this blog as well.

I have such a back log of items that the new schedule I created won't be up and running until I get caught up with some old posts I had :)

Hope everyone is well.

I will have a post up after this of some hair products I got tot try out.

Sonya xoxo

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