Monday, 31 October 2011

Long time no post

Hello my love bugs,

Right its been ages since I have blogged. But I have 2 very good reasons as to why haha. Firstly those of you who follow me on twitter would know that I've was in Egypt, so a week or so before I busy getting things ready packing etc. And then obviously I went on holiday lol.

The second reason is while I was away I caught a really bad stomach bug that brought along some other health issues with it that I'm not gonna go into. I'm only really starting to feel better now and its been like 10 days since it started.

So I have a things to post Avon stuff, frontcover stuff and also pics from my hols.My nail haul will have to take a hiatus cos I did mention on twitter that while waiting for the Gatwick flyer to turn up I broke off all my nails (out of  boredom)

Egypt is amazing (stomach bug and all haha), I suggest if anyone wants to go on holiday Egypt is defo the place to go :)

Also NEVER EVER fly with Easy Jet, they are the WORST people I have ever flown with (I flew with them when I went to Budapest as well). They maybe cheap but they certainly aren't cheerful. They're staff are so condescending and un-helpful. And the organisation of their speedy boarding was an utter joke, that was £115 down the drain.

Anywho, yeah so I shall be putting up some posts very soon so keep a look out.