Sonya Loves Makeup – is a makeup, beauty, (and sometimes) fashion and lifestyle blog created by me, Sonya. It was originally created to share the things I was learning on a makeup course I was on at the time but that never really manifested. Then realised I actually liked blogging and wanted to share the things I like.


I’m 27, love make up, music, and baking. I live in London, but would love to move abroad.

There are a lot of things in life that I’m passionate about and have different things I like to talk about, which is why I have 2 different blogs (see where else to find me).

I like a lot of things and here on Sonya Loves Makeup (SLM) you will find mostly makeup. But you will get a taste of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel (eventually) and food.

I also have a social network addiction.
Welcome to my world.

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