Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sleek Blush by 3

Hi my lovelies,

So I have really been out of the make up scene as late, like I said in my previous Avon haul I have only been buying from Avon because it is at my disposal. 

I was watching Jennie's latest haul video on her youtube channel beautybyjj, and she mentioned how she had bought these new limited edition blushes from sleek. As I was out on Tuesday I thought I'd head into my town centre and check out the new blushes. There are 5 sets full of beautiful colours suitable for all skin tones. Some of the sets had one or two blushes that I could wear but then there'd be one or two blushes in a set that I wouldn't be able to use. So I settled for the one I'm really disappointed that these are limited edition cos these are really great and good value for money. Unfortunately for those outside of the UK you cant buy these blushes online, they're only available in Superdrug.

I got the set in PINK SPRINT, as you can tell from the name its all pink based blushes, which are all suitable for my skin tone :) These blush sets retail at £9.99

Left to right: Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, Pinktini
Theses blushes are all a matte finish, which I really like cos I'm not a huge fan of shimmery blush. These colours are highly pigmented and the colours are buildable/blendable.

Top to bottom: Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, Pinktini
If any of you have bought any of theses sets link me to your posts :)

 S xxxxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I saved some money so I bought some DVDs


I was out shopping in Tescos, and every time we go there before we even start looking at what stuff we need me and my sister head straight to the DVD section to see if they have any good deals on their dvds. And they did so I was picked up three of them :)

Bend it like Beckham - £3 - "We can turn these mosquito bites into juicy juicy mangoes"
Austin Powers: International man of mystery - £3 - "Would you like some orange sherbet?"
Despicable Me - £6 - "Its so fluffy I'm gonna die", "Its so FLUFFFY!"

S xxxxx

Avon Haul: C4

Hi Dolls,

It seems like all I do lately is post Avon hauls. Cos I'm not working I don't really go out shopping anymore. And cos I have access to Avon catalogues I always end up ordering stuff.

I'm gonna make it my missions to get up off my butt and start putting money aside so I can go into the town centre and check out whats new in Boots and Superdrug. I really wanna add more MUA Cosmetics to my collection who can go wrong with £1 make  up?

Hello Kitty Cupcake shopper - £8.35
This bag is so cute. , I swear anything with Hello Kitty on it I'll get it. I've gotten a few Hello Kitty items from Avon, I got a Hello Kitty bag in the last campaign and then a few campaigns ago I got these.
They'll be a nice cute bag to take shopping, you save you having to carry around carrier bags.

Hello Kitty Cupcake Umbrella - £6.65
So I got this after I saw the bag above and was like I must have it. I don't have a nice little umbrella that'd fit in my handbag so I got this.

Mediterranean Olive Oil with Orange Flower body scrub
Although this should smell like Orange, it smells like bubblegum. This item was free when you ordered a certain perfume/aftershave My sister got the perfume and she didn't want the scrub so she gave it to me. Result! Hahaha.

Avon Mosaic Effects Top coat - 2 for £3.50
Avon are coming out with their own nail effect polishes.They have tow colours so far, black and white.I haven't tried them yet but as so as I do I will do a NOTD post or a review comparing them to other nail effect polishes I have.

Angled brush - £3.50
I have two other brushes from Avon. The eyeshadow and smudger brush and all over face brush. I have no complaints about their brushes. And cos they were half price I thought Id try a new one. So I got the angled cheek brush.

Avon SuperShock big colour eye duo pencil- Green Dream and Hint of mint - £3
I frickin love these pencils. They're great for adding a pop of colour to the waterline or upperlashline and also as an eyeshadow base. And cos they're so big you wont run out soon :) I am a very BIG FAN of this product. So creamy and pigmented, even on my skin :)
Hint of Mint - As it says on the packet its a lovely mint colour. id be more prone to use this as a base or maybe an highlight for the inner corner of the eyes when using blue/green based shadows..
Green Dream - Gorgeous emerald green.
Avon SuperShock big colour eye duo pencil - Moonshine and Starry Night - £4
I'm going to use this as a base for when I do a smokey eye, which I rarely do cos black doesn't always come out smoothly on me, its always patchy, so hopefully this'll help.

Moonshine - a lovely shimmery light silvery grey. This would be a nice highlighter colour.
Starry Night - A gorgeous dark shimmery grey. As I said this will defo be used as a base for darker shadows.

Top to bottom: Hint of mint, Green dream, Moonshine, Starry night

S xxxxxx

Nail Growth Journey 3/2/12

Hello lovelies,

This is the start of my nail growth journey. If you follow my twitter or have seen some NOTD posts you'd know I have a love/hate relationship with my finger nails. As soon as they get to a nice length where I don't look like I have stubs they break. Maybe I need to take a certain vitamin to help them grow and stay strong. I dunno. Any thoughts?
Products I'm gonna be using to keep my nails healthy are:
  •  Avon Glycerine hand and nail cream - always wanna keep your hands and nails moisturised.
  • Avon Freeze dry spray - this product is brilliant
  • Avon Lemon fortifier - I sometimes forget to put a base coat on when I swatch a nail polish so this helps get rid of the stains certain nail polishes cause
  • Avon Nail Experts - Peeling and brittleness solver - O hope this is gonna keep my nails strong if I use it consistently :)
  • Nail file - you wanna have your nails all shaped up and nice
I'm gonna apply my nail strenghtener ever 3-4 days.

So here are how crap my nails look right now. Here come the awkward, cringe, mangled looking finger poses hahaha.
 Left hand
Right hand

So I'm gonna do this properly this time. I always say I'm gonna stick to a routine and I never do. I'm gonna look after my nails 100% But I really want nice pretty medium length nails.So I'll be updating probably every 3-4 weeks.

S xxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 10 February 2012

FOTD - 3/2/12

Hi dolls,

 So last week Friday I went out to Westfield. 

I had two meets ups that day, one with my old college buddy Stevie and her friend Sammy. We hit up TGI Friday's :)

And then I went and met up with my bestie's to go Nando's and do a little wondering around. But by the time I'd finished in TGI's I couldn't eat another bite, so I saved £15 :)

This is what make up I wore.

Face: MAC Studio fix powder in NW45
Cheeks: Sleek "Flushed" blusher
Eyebrows: Sleek eyebrow pencil - Brown

AVON SuperSHOCK big duo eye pencil - Frosted Ice - Inner corner highlight
MAC Swiss Chocolate - on the lid
MAC Brun - in the crease and under the lower lash line
MAC Shroom e/s - highlight
AVON SuperSHOCK gel eyeliner pencil- black on the waterline
MAC Blacktrack fluidline on the upper lash line
AVON Catwalk SuperCurlacious Mascara Black
AVON SuperShock mascara - Black

AVON Shine Attract lipstick in Orchid P202

S xxxxxxxx