Monday, 27 June 2016

12 Things You Shouldn’t Assume About Me (Fat Girl Myths)

When some people first look at me they will automaticlly assume they know a lot about me. And the majority of what they think they know is WRONG!

I want to tackle some things people assume about fat people before getting to know us. Just because you think you know something, doesn’t make it true.

1. I stuff my face all day/have poor eating habits – I don’t sit around stuffing my face with rubbish. A few years ago I started to look into what I was eating. And now I actually have very healthy eating habits which is why I’ve maintained my weight for the last few years.

2. I have health issues - Diabetes. Heart Disease. Heart Attack. High blood pressure. High Cholesterol. – I don’t have any of these. I get checked by the doctor regularly with blood tests and such. My cholesterol and blood sugar as my doctor put it are “perfect”. So that is not always the case. Same way you can’t assume a slim person is healthy.

3. I won’t have a man cos of how I look/attractive men won’t find me appealing – This is absolutely ridiculous. Men do find big women attractive, being overweight doesn’t make you instantly ugly. Big girls can get men just as easy as the next person and not just because he is a “chubby chaser” or looking to fulfil a fetish. Look at Gabi Fresh she is so pretty. Fat people are attractive too. Just because some people’s minds a warped by society that doesn’t make it law.

4. I’m desperate – Being my size automatically makes me hungry (pun intended) and eager for a man (apparently), and I will take up anything thrown my way. HA! I don’t think so. I value myself way too much for that.

5. I am promoting obesity – Contrary to popular belief being fat, confident and choosing to love yourself regardless of size isn’t me promoting obesity. It’s me trying to live my life and ignoring society’s idea of what’s acceptable beauty.

6. I am unhappy – If I am unhappy don’t assume it’s because I am overweight. I have a life and things come up in life that can make you unhappy and stressed out. So many women are trying to break the stigma that being overweight is something to be unhappy about.

7. I am the reason I am like this – There are loads of women out there that have gained weight due to reasons out of their control. Just cos you see a fat person don’t assume you know their story or struggle. I have PCOS, which to this day I don’t know if it caused my weight gain or was brought on by it. Either way that is no one’s business but my own.

8. I am lazy – I know plenty of big women that love exercise and go to the gym. You can’t assume that because someone is big that they are automatically lazy. Same how you can’t assume that all slimmer people are gym bunnies. I got through periods of where I will exercise and when I don’t but that is my choice.

9. Fat shaming will make me lose weight. – Yes there are people that get spurred on by hatred and taunting. But fat shaming also has the opposite effect on people. You making someone feel bad about themselves is going to make them feel crap and make them continue the cycle that has contributed to their weight gain, for example comfort eating. It’s bullying and it needs to stop.

10. All fat people want to be skinny – When I grew up I thought this was true. I want to lose weight to be healthy but I know I will never be skinny nor do I want to be. Not all women with a little extra junk in their trunk want to be skinny/slim.

11. Fat girls are easy – Plenty big girls have men vying for their attention, and why wouldn’t they? But even if I didn’t have men banging down the door I wouldn’t instantly give up my virtue for any one that throws me a bone (no pun intended). No thank you sir!

12. Fat people have low self-esteem/no confidence – TESS HOLLIDAY!!! And so many other women like her. I have a post of all the inspirational plus ladies that I follow. Give it a read here, and alert me to some of the people I should know about/follow.

I feel that any one that can discriminate on appearance is on the same side of the fence with any one against the main isms (race, sex, gender, etc.). All of these have been used by people to hate and segregate, and only time and the application of the law has highlighted those unfair and unjust views/opinions. So throw out your view of a myth and embrace the light and learn something new and enriching about someone or some group of people that you didn’t know before. 

Ignorance is not bliss.

Sonya xoxo
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